Blogs My Students Have Created – December 2016

Here are blogs my INTIP16A6 have created:


Blogs My Students Have Created – Winter 2016

Please check out these blogs which my INTIAI15A6 students have made for the web publishing course.

INTIAI15A6 student group, Autumn 2015. Photo by Petri Kuittinen

More Blogs My Students Have Created (May 2015)

INTINU15X6 students, March 2015 (Photo by Petri Kuittinen)

I have had a really amazing group of new students, who started their studies in January 2015. Most of them never had any previous experience in HTML, CSS or making web pages. Take a look at their blogs and photos. And remember this is just a tiny assignment in a 15 credit module, where the students already did multi-lingual web pages for a company and their own personal home pages out of scratch (hand coded HTML and CSS).

Most of my students are Finnish and English is not a native language for them nor me

Blogs My Students Created

INTINU14A6 students, September 2014 (Photo by Petri Kuittinen)

My students were asked to make a blog at the end of the web publishing course. Some of them are funny. Some are related to weight lifting or other sports, some are about games or movies. Please check these out: